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About Ped Xing

Ped Xing Productions is run by Stephen Lewis, a freelance writer and ideasmith. Lewis graduated from Mansfield University in Pennsylvania in 2011 with a degree in Broadcasting, and has spent a large portion of his time post-graduation sticking to works in websites and print, much to the chagrin of his professors. When he isn't writing for Jay is Games and his personal blog, When Last We Left Our Heroes, he enjoys cooking for friends and working on game show ideas to pitch to networks (sometimes both at the same time).

This site was designed by Stephen Lewis, using knowledge taken from John Phillips' Web Site Design course at Mansfield University. Katie Sekelsky provided many helpful tips along the way and the hosting for this site. The basic layout of this site was based on Tom Scott's website. Tim Horton's provided many cups of hot chocolate and Boston Cream donuts while much of this site was being written.

About Steve