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Ped Xing Business Cards


In order to prepare for PAX East 2013, I designed business cards to distribute. The front contains the usual contact information, but the backs contain a puzzle to solve! There are four different card backs to be handed out at PAX East, but can a group of people come together to solve it?

The cards contain a message, hidden in a path that winds between all four cards. The path can be solved using one of each of the cards, swapping their positions around to maintain the path, or with fourteen cards laid down next to each other at once. The message reads "Everybody holds a piece of the puzzle that makes our lives exciting and intriguing. If we work together, we can create amazing things." It's no Twain-ism, but it felt like a fitting line to hide in a puzzle requiring teamwork.

Part of the challenge of designing the cards was creating a path that gave just enough hints to people who held one of the cards that they could figure out that more information was needed from other cards. This worked rather fortunately for two of the cards, including the card with the starting point and "EVERYBOD" as the first portion of the path, and another that had "WORKTOGETH" in a single long string. I can't say for sure whether the people I passed the cards out to actually came together to solve the puzzle, but it was fun to share a little bit of puzzle goodness with them.

Ped Xing Business Cards