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Ped Xing


So where did I grow a fondness for the moniker of Ped Xing? For a high school graduation project back in 2005, I took on an artisic endeavor I had always wanted to try. A few days of calculations, cutting, and taping later, I had a life-size copy of the silhouetted man featured on the "pedestrian crossing" signs scattered about town. On March 14th of that year, I set out with my father and a disposable camera across town to photograph my creation in a variety of settings. The result, a photo album of 24 photos and the behind-the-scenes process, has cracked up everyone I've handed it to. Mission accomplished.

In the years since the original photography project took place, "Ped X" grew mold from storage and has been disposed. Would I do this project again? Absolutely, but hopefully I can do it with a budget that will allow for a man made of more than just cardboard and duct tape.

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Ped Xing